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Recap & Rebuttals Part 1 (Episodes 3-8) Featuring Alex Hastie from Ohio v. The World

Updated: Apr 23

Alex Hastie - Ohio v. The World -


1. Victoria Adams did sign her deposition transcript. It’s in the national archives. (Rebuttal position is correct.)

2. If Frazier and Randle were going to lie about the bag, they would have told a better lie that fit the evidence in the record. Their story doesn’t even support the record that well. (Disputed/Different inferences)

3. There is no evidence that the FBI was monitoring Oswald’s mail. (Disputed/Different inferences.)

4. Form 2162 was only for concealable firearms, not rifles. (Rebuttal position is likely correct.)

5. Captain Fritz did not admit that he called the gun discovered on the 6th floor a Mauser. (Rebuttal position is correct.)

6. J. Edgar Hoover was not saying that the cartridges were not tied to the Carcano. He was just saying that the extractor marks could not link the cartridges to the rifle. (Rebuttal position is correct.)

7. Lt. Day is not the only one we have to believe regarding the palm print on the Carcano. We can also rely on the FBI lab. (Rebuttal position is correct.)

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