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    Did the Warren Report

    get it right?

    Produced by Jerry DePizzo
    Created, Written, and Hosted
    by Matt Crumpton
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    Who Killed
    John F. Kennedy? 

    The only way to find out what really happened in Dallas on November 22, 1963 is to zoom in to every detail and determine what is most likely to have happened given the evidence. 


    That’s where the Solving JFK podcast comes in. In each episode we’ll dive deep into the assassination evidence and answer questions about the case while looking at the evidence itself, as well as arguments from both sides: the Warren Report defenders and critics. 


    In season one (Ep 1-27), the big question is “Was the Warren Report conclusion that Oswald acted alone credible?”


    In season two (Ep 28-current), we ask "Who was Lee Harvey Oswald, really?"

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