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Showing Our Work

The JFK assassination is a hotly disputed topic. Accordingly, each factual proposition from the podcast will be documented here for each episode. Where hyperlinks are practical, they will be included. Otherwise, the source information will be listed in parentheses.

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Ep 45: The General Walker Shooting

Edwin Walker was a decorated army general who was known for his service in World War II and Korea.[i]President Kennedy relieved General Walker of his command in West Germany in 1961 for attempting to

Ep 44: The Backyard Photos (Part 2)

In the last episode, we started to unpack the facts surrounding the infamous backyard photos of Lee Harvey Oswald. These pictures show Oswald holding a rifle in one hand, and two supposedly communist

Ep 43: The Backyard Photos (Part 1)

According to the Warren Commission on March 31, 1963 Lee Harvey Oswald asked his wife Marina to take a picture of him in their backyard with a holstered revolver, just like the one he allegedly used t

1 Comment

Rob Carey
Rob Carey
Jan 09

Hi Matt,

Thank you for your excellent podcast. I'm late to it because things take some time to make it to Australia.

Listened to your interview with Barbara today and rushed home to watch the doco on Paramount+. (We do have it here and I do have a subscription.

My problem is that it was not there. Any tips on where else I may find it?

Love your work mate,

All the best


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